We purposely chose the provocative title of “Civilization’s Future” for our book and website. Why? We know that our civilization is advancing very quickly. But our advance comes at a cost. The cost is in both the consumption of non-renewable energy resources and in the change of the Earth’s ecosystem. Each of these topics are huge in themselves. When combined, as indeed they are in reality, then the overarching topic becomes massive. Yet, humans have the ability to comprehend this topic. We can identify costs, establish metrics, and, determine values and trends. With these, we can guesstimate the future. And we have. And we want you to know the likely future, based upon humanity’s actions yesterday and today.

What is civilization? It includes both structures and processes. Our civilization includes houses that keep rain out and airplanes that fly across continents. Concert halls allow orchestras to thrill our auditory sense. Submarines dive to the deepest trenches of the oceans. Crops grow in the tropics and get sold in polar regions. Groups develop laws for smooth social interactions. International communities develop rules to facilitate global trade. These and all our other human activities require energy; energy to define, enact and maintain. In result, over a brief 10,000 years, our species has learned to manipulate energy to great advantage, to create a thriving, capable civilization. So what will be the future of our civilization?

Wander into our website. Learn about the progress of human civilization to date. Consider the scope of energy utilization. Wonder about your own actions and your own purpose. Think of the limits set by a finite Earth. Evaluate the benefit of other species; and the consequence of extinction. And realize that you are an active contributor to our civilization. What do you want for the future of civilization?

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