Our civilization includes houses that keep rain out and airplanes that fly across continents. Concert halls allow orchestras to thrill our auditory sense. Submarines dive to the deepest trenches of the oceans. Crops that grow in the tropics get distributed to as far as the polar regions. International communities develop rules to facilitate global interactions. This and all our other human activities require energy in some way or other. In a brief 10,000 years, our species has learned to manipulate energy to great advantage.

Yet, energy has limits. The Earth’s finite extent allows for only so many people doing only so many things. And, our choices today, especially our application of non-renewable energy, defines our future. This web site compliments and builds upon my book. With hard numbers and trends, the two will greatly assist you in assessing the utility and future benefit of current energy usage. As well, they will enable you to foresee and plan to a civilization for everyone. Also, see our most recent articles for an energy prespective on today’s events.

I’ve been honoured in mirroring Bruce Sundquist’s website (new tab). His data and views directly relate to this topic and his pages constitute a vast, detailed and referenced source.

by Mark Foster Mortimer