Other Paths to Wander

1. Seeing to the Future

Civilization’s Future using math to plan the future
Live Science end of oil
Seed vault saving genes
Red List threatened, endangered, extinct
World Watch watching trends to a poor future
Die off natural population cycling
Virunga short term living at long term cost

2. Autotrophs and the Environment

Trophic Levels pyramid of life
Earth’s Climatic History global temperature
Primary Production energy flow through the ecosystem
Human Appropriation energy capture by humans
Ice Ages global temperature
Old living life oldest bacteria
Living Planet global biodiversity
Malawi 3200kg/ha of maize annually
ESA Land Cover
Zero Extinction biodiversity
Millenium Seedbank Project betting against the future
Biomass Inventory Good for people, but what about the current residents?

3. Consumerism

The Commons greed wins
Japan’s Population we exist to consume
Singapore’s Population not enough at 6400 per square kilometre

4. Infrastructure

Alternate Lifestyles a small impact
20 year $60Bn capital cost energy procurement a large impact
Tar sands Energy to extract energy
Egyptian pyramids Energy to build
Net zero Home’s electrical consumption and production equals
Kuwait Energy shortage
Canadian Energy Flow 2003 Layous out human allocation of energy
Energy Supply-Demand 2003 (pdf) Consumption up, reserves down, same story
American Housing Survey More than simple shelter
Industrial energy allocation, Canada Efficiency improves but baseload still high


Pigs following the energy trail
InterAcademy Council sustainable energy demand, efficiency and supply
Renewables energy for humans takes energy from others

6. Technology

Thin film solar 19% efficient
Solar homes a long way to self sufficiency
Ice Farming freezers of the past
Splitting water energy storage

7. Trends to the Future

Biological Efficiency energy needed to civilization level
National Geographic sources for future energy
Millenium Assessment a goal a global direction
Kardashev energy needed to civilization level
Hydrogen Fuel cars and gas
Population growth how many’s enough
World clock watch the numbers change
Kuwait energy shortage when the wells run dry

8. Resources/Documents

Energy Processes wood cord – 1010 joules
Wood Density spruce 450 kg/cu.m
Energy Bulletin opinions
BP’s Review raw numbers on annual primary consumption
Energy Density energy content for some
FAO Energy in food
Oil Crisis – Laherrere a trend watcher
Contracting for power home solution
Energy conversion plants to joules
Ancient Egypt 300 kg wheat per person annually
Growth is Madness John Feeney
The Updside of Down Thomas Homer Dixon
The Earth’s Carrying Capacity Bruce Sundquist
Fertilizer Natural gas becomes food
Life Expectancy a cause for fewer people
Earth Trends World Resource Institute
Earth Trends Energy and Resources — Sudan (pdf)
Green Revolution India’s gambit
DOE Annual Energy Consumption
National Science Foundation Weighing trees
National Park Service Red brick school house
National Stone Centre Limestone
Red Hill Vallely Trees per hectare
Alberta Forest Management
South Africa Forestry
Alaska Above ground tree biomass (pdf)
BTCV firewood
Sugar Maple Tree statistics
Tree Volume Estimation Doyle’s Rule
Ohio State University Measuring Standing Trees
Standing Biomass NPP of Oak and Pine
NPP Spruce
Jeff Brokaw Tree Calculators
Virgiana Tech Measuring Standing Trees and Logs
NRCan Canada’s Forests by area
Industry Canada Canada’s Land Area
Rosiere Range lands
Senate Subcommittee Boreal forest at risk
Canada Annual area of tree harvest
Canada National Forest Inventory
Food and Agriculture Atlas
Food and Agriculture Statistics
Globalis Energy Consumption per Person
Predator-prey Lynx and Hares
Falklands Penguins
North Devon Smelting
Cornwall Iron furnace
Pennsylvania Cornwall Iron furnace
Tyson Making swords
Steel Smelting temperatures through the ages
Open fire 300 degrees
Switzerland Statistical Data 2007
Switzerland Demographics
Environmental History Forests through the ages
Williams History of Deforestation
Mcneill Woods and Warfare
DEFRA Sustainability and statistics
Energy Consumption in the UK (Pdf) space heating is 58%
Energy and Environment Basics charcoal to coal replacement value
Energy in natural processes (pdf) Washington U
University at Buffalo Niagara Falls Energy
IDRC The Responsiblity to Protect
Oil Drum Energy in South Africa
New York Observer $38B bonus
Public Accounts Canada $48B non financial assets
Fertiliz Industry statistics
YARA Fertilizer benefits
Europe(pdf) Energy allocation in farming
Home and Garden Bulletin Number 72(pdf) Energy in food – USDA

9. Newsworthy

Near Zero Carbon Emissions Carnegie Institute
Darfur to Chad Mass human migration
Sudan The environmental cost of charcoal
Tobacco (pdf) Necessity or luxury
Land appropriation Eye from space
Liberty who decides
Equality the sloth and the euridite
Lack of food energy (jpg) Madras