Housing Starts

News of the water cycle inundates us every day. We call this ‘the weather’. Most of us love the warm, bright Sun and complain about the rain. Some who get too much Sun have the inverse regard. Yet hidden within this cycle is the process that makes the water on Earth drinkable. Without this cycle we’d very quickly run out of water to drink and our future would be very dim. So one would think that we’d value all expects of the water cycle.
A recent announcement enumerated housing starts in Canada as well over 200,000 a month. The same for most of the previous decades. The average housing lot size is 30ft by 100ft in the suburbs. Each year as for many of the previous decades new houses made about 67000 hectares sterile landscape. Void of autotrophs. Void of water processors. Void of natural energy capturers. And there’s no expectation that housing starts will diminish as the country’s economy relies upon it.
Yet we cherish our homes. Our nests. Our safe havens from which to bear children. Raise them. And set them out to seek their way in the world. How many new human nests can our world accommodate? And will our children end up with a world full of human nests and not much else? Not even the water cycle.