Do you think it odd that we have answers to today’s ills and yet the ills don’t get cured? My favourite example is the cigarette. The cigarette’s fumes provide no benefit to the human body. Rather, it causes health problems that exacerbate with usage. Nevertheless, the global tobacco market amounts to $760M annually and has been in existence for hundreds of years. We’d be better off without smoking yet many choose ill health instead.

There are more ignored answers. The answer to climate change is to stop releasing the energy in the stored hydrocarbons. The answer to the loss of biodiversity is to reverse the human impact on Earth’s land surface. The answer to war is peace. These are all obvious yet as a species we continue to ignore these answers.

Why are we so self-destructive? Do we have a genetic disposition to do what we want, when we want? This disposition to independence may be why our numbers have grown exponentially and we live throughout Earth’s surface. Yet the future may require us to lose some of this independence such as when fighting a pandemic. Are you ready to give up some freedoms to help cure the ills facing us? Can you live in a future that has answers coming with many more social restrictions?