Environmental, Social, Governance

The ESG Report:

We at Civilization’s Future are committed to working to an optimal future for humans. We know that viable, responsible, sustainable organizations are essential. We recognize the value and need for employment. Also, we recognize the value and need for sustaining the Earth’s ecosystem. We know that these needs must be balanced for the Earth system to continue to sustain us.

To this end, we prepare ESG reports. We ensure that ESG reports demonstrate confidence in long-term operations. We include well established, data driven environment and social-sustainable risk assessments. We can participate in regular revisions of the report to highlight the organization’s dedication to betterment and commitment to long-term success.

Generate the ESG Report

The Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report is based upon quantitative parameters. These serve to demonstrate that an organization understands and is addressing risks to sustaining operations.

Environmental parameters may include:
  • Total annual work hours
  • Electricity consumption (kWh)
  • Energy consumption (GJ), excluding electricity
  • Internet access (Bytes, download+upload)
  • Amount of preserved digital memory (Bytes)
  • Water Consumption (litres)
  • Building floor space (area in square metres)
  • Parking space (area in square metres)
  • Total staff commute distance (kilometres)
  • Total staff business travel (kilometres)
  • Volume/mass of deliveries (kilograms or litres, received plus delivered)
  • Volume/mass of waste (kilograms or litres)

The ESG Report will include an aligngment of the above parameters to risks as promulgated by Earth Planetary Boundaries. The parameters are inconsequential in isolation; their trends over the years will demonstrate the organization's sustainability. Results lead to changes to the risk registry.

Social parameters may include:
Governance parameters may include:
  • Leads preparation of ESG report
  • Has compensation aligned with ESG trends
  • Actively drives sustainability
  • Promotes transparency
  • Encourages access to management by employees and other stakeholders
  • Directs financing to green alternatives
  • Influences customers to operate/live sustainably
  • Influences suppliers to operate/live sustainably
  • Expands the scope of the ESG (i.e. include Scope 3 indirect activities)
  • Has external recognition

The ESG Report will include an aligngment of the above parameters to standards on organization leadership behaviour. Results lead to changes to the risk registry.

Simply clicking a button to generate a standardized report minimizes the value of this effort. Thus the button does nothing. The ESG Report will emphasize the degree to which your organization operates sustainably. Thus ensuring operations for a long time. Contact us via the following to get your customized ESG Report.

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Use this link to open a new tab with our abbreviated document on how to prepare an ESG report; ESG Report Preparation. Contact us for a copy of the complete document.